Overcoming the little voices that tell you that you can't write


Sometimes the writer's mind can feel like a sleepy and slow place
This week I have been a spring racing carnival junkie - I didn't just go to one race meet, I went to four of the big ones including Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day and Stakes Day. So it is little wonder, after a few champagne filled days, that I am struggling to think of ideas for what to write a column on as my brain cells restore themselves. 

You know the feeling where your head feels empty and you start to feel cranky and stressed because you are frustrated with yourself that you can think of any ideas for a post? Or let alone motivate yourself to write something? 

I have plenty of ideas on what to write about flying around my head but the stress is dealing with a negative mentality that says, 'No I don't think you know enough about that..' or 'That needs way more research if you are going to write on that...' 

So how do you combat that sneaky little voice in your head telling you that you can't do it? Where do you find the confidence to overcome the negative inner chatter and basically... just write? Why is it that we feel fear and irritation with ourselves just to get started? 

My personal solution to the problem: take a huge, deep breath and let it out.  I remember once reading that after all the research and remedies for overcoming stress around the world, there was no solution more effective than taking a deep breath. You then must imagine the breath blowing away the negative thoughts. I get to the point where I just about shout at the negative voice to be quiet and turn up the mental volume on the positive thinking that you can do it - millions of people have written books, articles and posts, what is stopping you from it doing it? Thus reminding yourself that you would be better off writing something than nothing at all and once you get started, you normally can go on.

Then write... write, write, write! It is a little tacky yet true, like the Nike slogan - just do it because no one really cares about your excuses. 

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