2010 Walkley Photographic Finalists

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Sometimes, words are just not enough to convey the truth and emotion of a story or situation. There is something magical about a photograph that effortlessly draws us into another world, immersing us in another time and place. Photographers can take hundreds of shots, searching for that perfect one; or, it can be a split second moment where they grab their camera and take they best shot they have ever seen. These incredible photographs are by some of the finest newspaper photographers in Australia. Here are a selection of our favourite 2010 Walkley photographic finalists. Each of them had a powerful impact upon us, at first glance. For the full set of winners, click here.

Potosi. Young miner Nelson Ortuga, 14, falls asleep as he waits for the bus to take him back to the mines. He will finish his double shift at 6am. By Lisa Wiltse.

"Amanada and Zed". Amanda Perry and 13 year-old Zed were photographed in a waiting room as part of a feature story on country vets. The quiet bonding and nervous wait is familiar to pet owners everywhere. By Brendan McCarthy.

"Jessica". 'General News'. Australian sailor Jessica Watson, unofficially hailed as the youngest individual to sail unassisted around the world, battles huge seas 60 miles off Sydney on the second last day of her 210-day journey. By Brett Costello.

"Man vs. Wild". 'Spot news' A massive wave exploding on Ben Buckler point at North Bondi appears about to engulf a brave/foolhardy thrill seeker. By Bob Barker.

"Minds in Chains". A patient at the Yayasan Galuh Centre in Bekasi outside Jakarta. There is no medical treatment here: just potions, massage and prayer. Many of the patients are nude and nearly half of them are chained to poles.By Jason South.

Photo Source: The Walkley Foundation

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