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I don't currently work as a journalist. It is a long story but I will give you an extended version of a short one. Ever since I was young, possibly about eight years old, I have been obsessed with the idea of being a television reporter or journalist. The ambition came to me when I realised that I wanted to live a life where I had many different experiences, to connect with people and see lots of different things on a daily basis. That appealed to me much more than sitting at a desk all day or working on a farm. 

While at school, I was on various different school publications and, finally, by the end of year 12, I was accepted into a journalism course at university. Halfway through my course I did work experience at an independent community newspaper in Torquay, Victoria called The Surf Coast Times. I will be forever grateful to the inspiring, wonderful, amazing editor there at the time, a South African kindred spirit named Donna van Staden. 

Donna gave me the opportunity to work at the newspaper two days a week while I studied at university. It was an incredible, life-changing and eye-opening experience that I will expand upon more in this blog. I was there for around two years before I was offered what appeared to be a very good opportunity to work in television show sales. Unfortunately, my new job does not incite any excitement or passion in me at all. You know you are in the wrong place when you spend more time looking up websites, reading blogs and looking up other opportunities in the journalism industry than actually working!

I hope that this blog will inspire and excite other people's passion for journalism and writing. The interviews that Laura and I will be conducting are what I am looking forward to the most. From my experience, journalists and writers are incredibly down-to-earth, interesting people who have had many amazing experiences. I believe that our interviews will incite enthusiasm in aspiring journalists and writers, encouraging them to do something proactive towards their chosen path. Similarly, our weekly events and opportunities section will, hopefully, direct you to find places where you can launch your career.  

Please don't hesitate to contact Laura or me, as we hope that this blog will be a favourite amongst people with similar ambitions to ours; one which you will love to read, get a lot of enjoyment from and be able to visit as a place where aspiring writers and journalists can congregate to talk and support each other.  

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