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I am a writer.

Of course, when I say “writer”, it is in the whimsical, organic sense of the word reserved for young, naïve idealists like me (a university student who lives with her parents and still receives pocket money every month). I am a writer simply because I write. I put pen to paper, fingertip to keyboard (or these days, touch screen) and create words, phrases, stories and worlds. I do not believe that I have any special knowledge or experience that entitles me to distinguish myself as a writer; in fact, the opposite is true. My passion for writing has instilled within me a desire to explore, navigate, and, eventually, infiltrate the mysterious and exclusive world of writing.

You see, I would like to make a good first impression; and the last thing I want is for you to think to yourself, “oh this girl, she calls herself a writer yet she has no credentials, nothing to prove herself! Who does she think she is?” I have not started this blog because I want to provide my readers with patronising advice on how to write, rules about writing or what it means to be a writer. All I want to do here is to create a little sanctuary for writers, whether they are accomplished or just aspiring (although I like to think, quite selfishly, that accomplished writers have no need for websites like these because they have no self-doubts, writer’s block, loneliness...), to find some inspiration. 

The name of this blog, Doorways, is intended to have a double meaning. As you may have already guessed, it refers to getting a foot in the door, breaking into the industry. What may not be so obvious is that the name was initially inspired by a line in one of my favourite songs,  Begin by the wonderful Ben Lee from his album Awake is the New Sleep*:

When I hit a wall/ I look up at the sky

Above all, I want this blog to be a place for writers to be able to seek solace when they hit that inevitable dead end. Trying to break into a fickle industry in which success relies upon originality and inspiration, yet doesn't seem to nurture it, can be incredibly demoralising. When we reach the depths of despair, acquiescing to the obstacles and disappointments peppered throughout the roller-coaster ride that is the foray into the writing world, we should look up from the blank page in front of us. Open a door and let in some fresh air. Make a cup of tea and sit in the garden. Visit this blog and, hopefully, feel inspired.

*Please download this song if you get a chance, it is full of beautifully poetic little gems. “Each footstep/ Is a new love letter” is another favourite.

(Photographs via Conversations About and Iain Kendall)

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