Welcome to Doorways, a collaboration between Sarah Lawrence and Laura Curtis, an aspiring journalist and writer respectively.

We are launching this blog because we want to create a supportive oasis for others like us, who are passionate about a career in writing or journalism. The writing world - which is so enigmatic and often baffling for those not already in its midst - needs deciphering.
What do we need to do to get our big break?
Where can we get started?
How did other people do it?
What opportunities are out there?
We will be sharing a deluge of interviews, links to wonderful articles and blog posts, information on opportunities and events, and contributions from fellow writers and journalists. Our hope is that you will find our search for answers encouraging and inspiring, and that our blog can, in some small way, act as a doorway to your writing dream.

We hope you enjoy our blog. Please feel free to contact us, submit contributions or follow us on twitter.

Sarah and Laura xx

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