The Feeling of Writing

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rotari_love_letter.jpg image by diane_kepler
Pietro Rotari, Young Girl Writing a Love Letter, 1755
There is nothing like sitting down to immerse yourself in that euphoric zone of writing. There is so much enjoyment in seeing words that come into your mind flow effortlessly onto the page. The incredible feeling when you look back and think, how on earth was it that I came to write that? Followed by a rush of pride and achievement.

This brings to me a realisation I had recently that, when writing, it is feeling that guides us. How do we feel about this sentence or that sentence? What will the writer think of this? How will the person we are writing about feel? Will the reader be evoked to feel inspired, happy, angry, excited, annoyed or elated? It can take one line in an article that can ruin a person's career or make them feel horrible. Yet, on the other hand, it can make them feel the happiest, most proud that they have ever felt in their life.

Feelings, feelings, feelings - they are the essence of writing.

I had this revelation at work the other day. I am currently in the television show sales industry and, luckily, someone was interested in buying some shows in a country far, far away. Making this deal happen was like a problem solving activity. We had to figure out prices, how much we could offer the programs for, how long they can screen the shows for and if the shows were available to be brought in that country due to licencing laws. If that sounds boring and complex to you - you are right, it was.

While doing this, the thought crossed my mind that if I was working in a newspaper at that moment, I wouldn't have been feeling the onset of a headache from a problem solving activity. I would have been deciding on words that I 'felt' were appropriate in an article or choosing a photo to go with an article that I 'felt' looked right. Basically, I would have been thinking with my heart. 

To be honest with you, the country potentially buying was actually The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa - believe it or not! It is the world's poorest country. Since then, I've had many discussions with my boss on the deal and I keep mentioning to her with a sad 'feeling' in my gut that they are literally the world's poorest country. Yet she is quick to remind me not to think about that and just focus on the deal to get the money out of them.

But I can't help but strongly feel this sad longing to go back to using my feelings in my every day life instead of the mundaneness of figures, formulas and money-hungry facts...

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