October 25: Events and Opportunities


This is our second week of Events and Opportunities.

This post is a weekly series that shares various events and opportunities available in the writing and journalism industry. Events includes anything from seminars, talks and festivals to book launches; while opportunities encompass trainee or graduate jobs, courses, internships and work experience. 

If you have an event or opportunity that you believe will be beneficial to young people who love to journalism and writing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please rest assured that there is no conflict of interest; all of these suggestions are made independently.

Australia Wide

As it is getting towards the end of the year, many young people are deciding what course they might like to do while others could be contemplating a change in course to journalism.
This link here is from the Jschool website that ranks the top 24 places to study journalism from 2008. Hopefully it may gives those stuck for ideas on where to study journalism a better picture of what is out there.  

Many people often wonder how they can get work experience at magazine. If you are interested in getting in contact with the people at Cosmopolitan magazine to find out details about the work experience, all the information is here. They are booked our months in ahead but good for those who can wait months in advance. You could also ask if they have had any cancellations of work experience people at closer dates.

Sunday 7 November 2010, 10am - 6pm

A fantastic opportunity to  network with fellow writers is the Emerging Writers Festival Roadshow. The festival will present a series of panels and discussions about writing, writers and the literary life. There are practical sessions such as The Pitch - offering no-holds-barred advice about the art of pitching your work to editors, publishers and agents. There will also be a Creative Writing Bootcamp, where you can put pen to paper in one frantic hour of writing. You can find out about the roadshow here.

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